Creating a course that is efficient, engaging, step-by-step and packed with absolutely what you have to know to get the results you want requires video.

I think most of us are passionate about more than one thing. I love taking the complicated and simplifying it. Video and creativity allow me to do that in a very short period of time.

My background required that I position clients within 30 seconds to 60 seconds to present the ONE thing they wanted...a sale, to inform, and always to brand.

For those of you who wish to stand out over the noise of your competition I can help. it's been my experience that most people are not interesting in learning video editing, even taking the time to pick the best editor for what they think they want to do with it. Most people don't want to pay for voice talent and even without that, there's the music licensing and graphic creation. For photographers you'd definitely have to digitally photography or analog photography to avoid using others' copyrighted photographs (and then why would you want to show anything but yours?)

Just putting the word out on my school that instead of teaching all the ins and outs of short video creation, I'm offering to do it.

Just hoping for comments on whether you feel you need social media short videos to brand your expertise or photography or name.

I'll begin with a 6 second video. Now who would think that in six seconds you could engage anyone? (Remember goldfish have an attention span longer than people...8 seconds. This one is exactly where I'm told people's attention span ends. And no, I'm not suggesting everyone do 6 second "commercials.")

I do believe the more targeted you are, the more memorable you will be. I do less than 30 seconds, usually 15 seconds.

Here's what I would call a branding short video for Katherine Gillis in only 6 seconds.

Click HERE to watch.