Everyone should have already received an invitation to buy (if you haven't). We especially created this discount coupon for the EU analog photographers who have the additional VAT taxes they must pay. This will help a great deal. If you're already signed up with us, you were sent the opportunity.

If we already have your email, you won't see the opt-in offer at http://bit.ly/2P3AIzIDiscount.

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We want to ask what forum members who feel they can, to email Katherine@ofcourseware.xyz and ask for the discount if you're interested.

Katherine will be adding more real time retouching videos and for all of you who own it, of course no extra charge. For those of you purchasing it (using our Back to School discount), you'll be impressed because the "complication" of traditional retouching and spotting has been simplified into step-by-step videos for newbies and professionals. NOW is the time to invest in your career. We know you've spent hundreds on equipment, lenses, tripods, photography bags/cases and this course gives you Master Katherine Gillis instructions. No one has ever done it better and you can learn to have the confidence to do it correctly and efficiently with the proper instructions and correct items!

As an aside, I'm beginning to share digital tips via video. Yes, one day, it will be a membership course. Take a look at this one example video of how to create a linked image or logo inside of the Apple program, Pages. Go here and watch if you're interested. Please join my personal Facebook Group (moving THE CAROL BUTLER SHOW there which is LIVE).