My name is Carol King Butler and I am the creator of this online school called

After years in marketing, advertising, photography, videography and writing I found a way to bring my skill set to an environment which would allow me to share my experience and be of service to others. We all are overwhelmed with information. Generally we seek information we either desperately need or are passionately curious about.

I like step-by-step instructions that are clear visually and textually. We all learn differently and I want as many of my students' senses involved as possible. You want information organized in such a way that you can learn it as fast as possible yet with the essentials you want and/or need. The courses will present will be high quality and important to niches I feel are underserved if served at all.

This is why I chose xyz to be incorporated in the school name. It's information delivered step-by-step; xyz.

This is also why the first course offered is the one I felt would be the highest calibre for three reasons: First, I have a renown master of traditional retouching & spotting, Katherine Gillis, teaching others what she's spent a lifetime perfecting.

Secondly, the field of analog photographers is specialized. Whether a photographer has years of experience retouching & spotting or is part of a resurgence in this field, retouching & spotting is not their first love. Film photography is their passion. Retouching & spotting certainly can be a full time job and once was a career in and of itself. As a writer edits their words to refine the end result, so do analog photographers. They "edit" by retouching & spotting their master pieces to better present the vision of perfection they first captured through their lenses. They deserve to know the most current tools and techniques used. No one wants to ruin a beautifully printed photograph because there was one little thing they didn't know. Katherine will be removing that fear.

Thirdly, there is little contemporary information out on analog traditional retouching & spotting. What can be found is often old information and much of it is scattered in bits and pieces in outdated books. For posterity and all the wonderful professional analog photographers out there who demand the best of themselves, Katherine will show and explain how to fearlessly retouch & spot.

And oh, about the acorn...

"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"From little acorns mighty oaks do grow." - American Proverb

"Just as the acorn contains the mighty oak tree, the Self has everything it needs to fulfill its destiny. When the inner conditions are right, it naturally emerges." - Author: Derek Rydall

"The tallest oak in the forest was once just a little nut that held its ground." - Unknown

"We will tend to your inner-acorn." - Carol King Butler

Katherine Gillis, Master Traditional Retoucher & Spotter

Instructor for "Become a Fearless Traditional Retoucher & Spotter" course

I had professional training in the field of photography in the late seventies. Studying my own prints I realized I wanted to know more about eliminating flaws and enhancing a photograph.

In 1979 I had my first opportunity to work in a color lab and spot prints (back in the day when everyone was taught to wet the brush by putting it in your mouth.) Don't ever do that! I never regarded spotting or retouching as tedious. It was always a challenge and I still enjoy it.

My professional retouching & spotting career began in 1991 after attending The Veronica Cass Academy of Photographic Arts. I met Alan Ross; the exclusive printer of the Yosemite Special Edition Prints by Ansel Adams in Santa Fe in 1993. I have been the exclusive spotter of these prints and continue to this day. For over twenty years I have been a professional Traditional Retoucher & Spotter.

My experience includes retouching B&W, color negatives and prints. I still have three Adams Retouching Machines (useful for spotting out dust spots on the negative), one with a microscope for negatives as small as 35 mm.

I am a master retoucher and have often been referred to as a retoucher's retoucher and I am proud to share most everything I know about this in my course!