Become A Fearless Traditional Retoucher & Spotter

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How to apply dyes to B&W prints fearlessly (without destroying them), the setup and tools necessary to create your studio, how to pick out a brush, how to mix your dyes, how to match colors. (That's right, it's not all "black and white"), how to remove dyes when you've gone too far (too much dye), how to practice to be perfect. (Please REFRESH your browser to purchase the course.)

"For anyone looking for an amazing retoucher/spotter, Katherine has been the EXCLUSIVE spotter for the Ansel Adams Special Edition Prints for over 20 years! Bravo Katherine!"- APUG 4-7-2016 - Alan Ross


"I find that for many working with film, print spotting (retouching) is a huge pain, or they aren’t very good at it. Katherine Gillis has been doing print spotting for the Ansel Adams Special Edition prints for over 20 years. She Also does a lot of my work. Katherine Gillis is wonderful and responsive! If anyone needs careful work done on print specks and clutter, she’s great!” - Looking Glass Magazine #10 Dec/Jan 2016 - Alan Ross

Alan Ross is a renowned photographer whose unique vision combines traditional photographic methods with today's technology. He worked side-by-side with Ansel Adams as his photographic assistant, and was personally selected by Ansel to print his Yosemite Special Edition negatives. Alan is a sought-after teacher who inspires professionals and amateurs to prepare their minds for the moment when light, beauty and chance, define opportunity.

"When I first met Katherine in the mid-90's I had just earned PPA's Master Artist Degree and I was in awe of her abilities. I quickly gave her all the retouching projects on my images for my studio.

Katherine Gillis has a rare talent and the knowledge, mostly forgotten in this digital age, to enhance traditional photography. The entire photographic community will benefit from her vast expertise shared in this course.

I have always referred to Katherine Gillis as the retoucher’s retoucher.” - Timmy Hord

Timmy Hord has a long history as an artist, confident with many media in her native city of Charlotte, NC. Her original art, portraits, and photographic restorations complement many area homes and offices since 1979.

Trellan Smith, Assistant to Mariana Cook at Mariana Cook Studio, wrote this note to me. We had just begun working together.

Students can make comments within the course at the end of most any lesson. Here is what one of our students said and what it looks like when I get it (minus his name which he was happy to let me use). We check for comments and calls every day. Thank you, Eric.

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Katherine Gillis
Katherine Gillis

Hi, I'm Katherine Gillis, a photographer and master traditional retoucher & spotter for over 25 years. I attended the Veronica Cass Academy of Photographic Arts and worked in several color labs from Colorado to New Mexico. I met Alan Ross, a master photographer chosen by Ansel Adams to be the printer of his Yosemite Special Edition Prints. I continue to be the exclusive spotter of these prints since 1993. The opportunity to share my years of knowledge and experience with veteran photographers and novices to eliminate the fear of retouching and spotting with this course is exciting. Anyone taking this course will save time, money and frustration. It is a one-of-a-kind course created with dual expertise in seeing that these skills are not lost forever and that every analog photographer can benefit by knowing how to do it properly.

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Location. You don't have to travel to the campus. You can take it while traveling and access on any device you want. This includes audio lectures, before and after photos, illustrations, examples of real time retouching and other demonstration videos. The course, "Become a Fearless Traditional Retoucher & Spotter" on Ofcourseware.xyz is organized into 6 Modules. Each Module contains lessons/lectures. After you complete one Module you go on to the next Module until the course is completed.
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Katherine Gillis is the instructor throughout the course. Email questions directly to Katherine at katherine@ofcourseware.xyz and/or make comments within the course. With comments, other students (peers) can jump in and answer questions for you too.
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